Ecological Commitment

As an ecologically-conscious business, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment.  To achieve that goal, we employ a variety of innovative techniques such as using natural cleaning and laundry products, recycling waste water for landscaping irrigation, using energy-efficient appliances and lighting, avoiding the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides, and composting organic waste.  We have an advanced chemical-free water filtration system and we encourage our guests to avoid buying plastic water bottles.  Our library includes a variety of books about alternative energy, sustainable/green living, and natural building, and we plan to offer hands-on workshops on these topics in the near future.  We aim to be a model of environmental sustainability and we hope to educate our guests, community, and ourselves about ways to protect and preserve our planet and its precious natural resources. 
Read more about the Ecological Commitment we share with our partner company: Colombia Eco Tours.